Toshiba Announces Windows Media Center Extender Support in TVs

My buddy James Senior has a quick post highlighting the new features in Windows 7 Media Center that was recently shown at CES.  The I found most interesting was Toshiba’s announcement that they will integrate with Windows Media center with a range of TVs, LCDs, and network players.

New Windows Media Center Platform Support

  • Toshiba joined the growing support from major CE companies enabling Windows Media Center experiences to extend to the TV by announcing they will integrate Extenders for Window Media Center technology into a series of TVs, LCD/DVD combo products and standalone network players, along with the "Widget Channel" backed by Intel and Yahoo! Click here for the press release

Recently, a friend of mine was just blown away how cool Media Center was in the living room.  With machines so cheap these days, having a dedicated box with a Dual TV tuner is a great idea for all your TV needs.

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