London Blogger Meetup

Since my boy James Senior has been living the good life in Seattle as the Live Services Evangelist, he’s kindly setup a great blogger meet-up with an all case of Microsoft technologists, managers and bloggers.


If you want to come, put your name on the wiki!


Some potential discussion topics will include:

1. Mesh enabled web-application

  • AJAX or RIA Silverlight apps
  • Hosted in Live Mesh
  • Uses Live Framework
  • Support Application Lifecycle:
    • Users - Discover, License/Subscribe, Use, Share, Socialize, Update, Uninstall
    • Developers – Evaluate, Develop, Test, Publish, Market, Analyze, Update

2. Any other application

  • Anything that can talk HTTP
  • WinForm, WPF, Silverlight, iPhone app, Flash app etc.
  • Uses Live Framework and Live Services endpoints
  • Easy to take your existing code and add new capabilities


here is just some of the non-usual suspects:

Jeff Hansen

General Manager – Services Strategy / Live Mesh, Microsoft Corporation

Jeff Hansen reports to Ray Ozzie and is responsible for helping drive Microsoft’s services strategy.  Central to this strategy is the “Software plus Services” approach that brings together the best of cloud-based services and the software that resides on a world of devices. An approach that utilizes the power of local client and/or on-premises server software combined with the reach and always up-to-date nature of services in the cloud.  As part of this effort, over the last three years Jeff has worked closely with Microsoft’s Live Services platform team on the mesh initiative - providing Product Management support for the Live Mesh offering and the recent introduction of the mesh technologies in the developer focused Live Framework – Community Technology Preview.  Live Mesh is a marquee example of the S+S approach – providing symmetry between the client and the cloud by using the web as a hub to bring together a wide range of user’s devices.  Enabling individuals to manage, access, and share their information and programs seamlessly on the web and across their world of devices.  Deliverying on the vision of computing experiences that seamless span the ‘data, devices, people, and applications’ people interact with everyday.

Angus Logan

Senior Technical Product Manager, Live Services, Microsoft Corporation

Responsible for all technical product management of Microsoft’s Live Services (consists of Windows Live Platform / Live Framework / Live Mesh), Angus’ team manage content creation, high-value opportunity management, and developer experience. Prior to being on the Live Services team, Angus was a Portals Technology Specialist with Microsoft Australia, worked for several Microsoft partners, was an MVP, and co-authored a book on Microsoft Content Management Server. You can read Angus’s blog at or spot him around the world.

James Senior

Technical Evangelist, Live Services, Microsoft Corporation

James Senior is responsible for driving global awareness and understanding of Microsoft’s Live Services (including Live Framework and Live Mesh) to technical audiences and business decision makers.  Prior to this role in Redmond, James worked as a Technology Specialist for Microsoft in the UK and as Senior Developer at Intel Corporation.  James blogs frequently at and you can follow him on Twitter here:

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