New Plug-ins for Live Photo Gallery

Thanks James for the heads up on the new plug-ins!

LiveUpload to FacebookCreated by Will Duff.  LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos to Facebook. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta to persist your people tags onto Facebook.

LiveUpload to YouTubeCreated by Will Duff.  LiveUpload to YouTube is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live Movie Maker Beta that makes it easy for anyone to upload their videos straight to YouTube.

Publish on SmugMugCreated by Omar Shahine. Publish on SmugMug is a plug-in for Photo Gallery & Movie Maker that supports publishing photos and video to the photo sharing site SmugMug.

Publish on FlickrCreated by Windows Live.  Did you know Flickr is already supported in Windows Live Photo Gallery? Look on the Publish menu!

Picasa Web PublisherCreated by Mark Steeves. Picasa Web Publisher is a publishing plugin for Photo Gallery. Picasa Web Publisher enables you to publish your photos to your Picasa Web account.

Drupal PublisherCreated by Chris Charabaruk. Drupal Publisher for Photo Gallery provides a quick and easy way to post your photos on a Drupal web site. Some experience with setting up Drupal modules may be required.

I actually really excited by the last plug-in for Drupal.  For some reason, I’ve become sort of a Drupal fan as of late not because its a really great PHP framework, but because its dead simple for dumb developers to do some ridiculously amazing things.  That being said, I’ve also started getting into the dotNETnuke which is like Drupal but for .NET developers.

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