Windows 7 Battery Life Needs Manufacturers to Get On-board

Techradar has an excellent piece on the engineering efforts around Windows 7 battery life.  Although the headline is definitely sensationalist and inaccurate, the meat of the article is quite good.  An interesting paragraph describes how configuration settings are largely to blame around the lack of amazing battery life. “Of course, software, devices and how your…


New Plug-ins for Live Photo Gallery

Thanks James for the heads up on the new plug-ins! LiveUpload to Facebook – Created by Will Duff.  LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos to Facebook. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live…


A Peak at Windows 7 Aero Peak

For those of you who read my article about a year ago about taskbars, expect a follow up regarding this.  Great video from PDC!


SharePoint Patterns & Practices Guidance for November

This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy, and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications. A reference implementation that is named the Contoso Training Management application demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and deployment challenges. This guidance discusses the following: Architectural decisions about patterns, feature factoring, and packaging Design tradeoffs for decisions many developers encounter,…


People and Comments Drive the Internet Revolution

Here is an interesting article from FAST Company where they talk about the growing importance of community feedback and web 2.0 discussion mechanisms.  Microsoft needs to start considering how it will not only replicate this type of interaction on our properties at massive scale but also to think about how to integrate with the entrenched…


64GB Flash Drive from Kingston – Ultimate Readyboost?

I read on Gizmodo that Kingston upped the ante from their £63 32GB flash drive to a ridiculous £110 64GB drive.  Besides being an ultimate tool for IT professionals, flash drives with this type of capacity can be used in a embedded systems and small form factor computers without having to mess with the internal…


New Version of Xobni Adds Social Networking to Enhance Productivity

I’m absolutely in love with the new enhancements made to Xobni.  They’ve added Facebook, Hoovers, and Yahoo Mail creating some interesting synergies in the way I manage my personal and business connections via Outlook.  Check out the review by the drama queens at TechCrunch   download Xobni, its FREE!!!


Steve Jobs’s Face, Meet John Curran’s Balls

What can only be described as a stroke of childish genius is a Microsoft video booth parked outside an Apple store in the UK where people can go and record messages about why they are a “PC.” Who has the balls to take on the Apple marketing machine gorilla-style?  Microsoft UK Windows Product Manager John…