Tip of the Day – PowerPoint 2007: Why ‘Presenter View’ is Useful

Would you like to have access to your slide notes during a presentation—without printing? Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 features a multiple-monitor view that can display your presentation on one monitor and your notes on another monitor. But your computer must have two video cards, a requirement that only professional presentation computers are likely to possess.

With Presenter view in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can use your notebook computer's dual monitor capability to display the presentation on an external monitor (like a projector) and display your notes, thumbnails of the upcoming slides, and a presentation timer on your local monitor.

To enable Presenter view:

  1. On the Slide Show tab, in the Monitors section, click the Use Presenter View check box.
  2. Select which monitor will display the external slide show.


FYI - don't use 'graphics acceleration' on a Dell Latitude D820 or any other computer with an equally crappy video card.  Unfortunately PowerPoint 2007 isn't cool enough to intelligently figure out whether to use the GPU to speed up rendering or to just stick with the CPU.  Most of my builds render much slower with it enabled.  Hey, product team, why are you even giving a productivity worker *clueless about technology* this option? 

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    Nice visual explanation… thanks…

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