Microsoft Relaxes Virtualization Licensing Rules – VMWare Stock Still Tumbles


Microsoft is taking virtualization extremely seriously.  Microsoft is now the only company that provides the full suite of virtualization technologies allowing businesses to consolidate servers, isolate legacy OS environments securely, centralize application deployment, and protect data for remote workers.  All this is done with a single set of management tools!  Microsoft also realizes that eventually, IT operations will behave more like a service with virtual machines being moved around, started, and stopped on-demand in a very controlled yet dynamic manner.  It is because of this reality, that we have relaxed the licensing rules governing virtualization.

    Following is a summary of the different uses of virtualization:


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Comments (2)

  1. viralta says:

    seach "Red Dog" and "Live Mesh" and check out the PDC2008 session list.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Viral,

    This is good news -thanks for pointing it out.

    What would be really great (for start ups especially) is if this was extended to a generic cloud computing service, on which we could run our IIS based apps… any news on something like that?


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