BBC Mashable 2008 – Morning

Arriving at 9:30am at Alexandra Palace in north London, awe and amazement are two words that described my experience walking the steps to the entrance.  "A programming geek event at a palace?!"  This was my initial reaction.  I was then reminded of the the BBC Interview with Bill Gates that I watched last night and realized that we're living in the age of the software programmer. 

So far there have been a few interesting presentations from Yahoo, BBC, and Microsoft Robotics.  I also have a new found appreciation for the BBC.  I made this comment to fellow Microsoftie and he replied by saying, "BBC isn't just a network broadcasting programming.  It is an institution.  It's mandate is to give back to society."  One word, "wow."  I'd love to see the likes of PBS in the United States or C-SPAN evolve to something like the BBC. 

Mashable 08 Website

Technologies discussed so far:

unsorted 039 Stitch

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft Multimaps and Virtual Earth

Yahoo YUI

Yahoo Search Monkey

BBC:  How to Hack DTV Broadcasts *seriously, do you think ABC, NBC, or CBS would ever present something like this?*

unsorted 042 Stitch

as usual my panoramic photos are courtesy of the Windows Live Photo Gallery stitching feature.

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