Masses Rejoice: Xobni Goes Public Beta


Xobni, the small San Francisco Bay start-up, has gone public with their Outlook, and now Yahoo Mail, plug-in.  If you recall, I wrote about Xobni a few months back.  Having been on the private beta, I can only say, that Xobni has really changed the way I use Outlook.  I love the fact that my “network” just come alive in Xobni.  I can send out my calendar availability in one click, I can retrieve attachments buried deep within my inbox in two clicks, and I can even find out the time of day my boss likes to send emails so I can make sure to get her attention for critical issues!  The best part is how great the Xobni search feature is, it just works.  To date, I’ve never had a hiccup while typing stuff into the search field, something I cannot say about the native Outlook search experience.

With the product now in public beta it will be interesting to gauge the community reaction.  Typically I’ve found that people tend to latch on to one or two key features.  My friend Mrs. TechNet absolutely loves the scheduling feature.  Bottom line, if you are an Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 user, you absolutely need to be running Xobni.

You don’t have to take my word for it.  Here’s the big man himself:

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