Did You Know: You Can Tab “Backwards” with Shift+Tab?

This is a very useful tip that most people who use Windows don’t know about.  In fact this tip is also useful on other operating systems.  I’ve found in my travels that only the 733|- keyboard users out there regularly use this shortcut.  So next time you hit “tab” one too many times, rather than picking up the mouse, just “shift+tab.”  By the way, this also works in the command line, Microsoft Office, and most applications!

shift tab

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  1. Andrew.Fryer says:

    Viral My Top yip would be to use CTRL-TAB to move between multiple documents in an MDI interface. For example in PowerPoint CTRL-TAB will move you between all the presentations you have open, the same applies in all the Office tools, and anything you have open in Visual Studio

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