Two Interesting Vista Myths Busted

James Senior busts two interesting myths that uninformed IT guys seem to harbor. 

Vista Myth #1: I don't want to upgrade to Vista because I can't manage Exchange 2007 from it

Answer:  Why would we, Microsoft, so blatantly shoot ourselves in the foot? *well we kind of did*  To not support Vista for admin management from the get go was probably dumb by now would show a stupid level of incompetence for a technology company.  As of November 2007, you can manage Exchange with Vista as long as you have deployed Exchange 2007 SP1.  Did I mention the fact that Vista is over a year old now?  Learn how to administer Exchange 2007 in Vista, click here.

Vista Myth #2: BlackBerries don't work on Vista

Answer: Blackberry Desktop v4.3 is Windows 2000, XP, Vista compatible including x64 versions, but the real question is "why"?  Why are you paying to use Blackberries in your environment when Windows Mobile is essentially free to use with Exchange 2007?  Did you know that in the last 12 months Blackberry has had 3 critical failures taking down the entire user base for hours as well as days?  At some point you have to ask yourself, "how important is your uptime and troubleshooting capability."  James has some links you should see.  I will give Blackberries good marks for overall design and consistency which is something some of our devices lack, but after using the Blackberry 8700 for a few days, I was ecstatic to return to my BlackJack II.  Give your employees the freedom to choose from a great plethora of devices that support Exchange natively i.e. Sony Ericsson smartphones, Nokia S60 phones, Symbian S60 phones, and of course Windows Mobile.  To really understand how Windows Mobile is evolving, take a look at System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 *video*

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