The Coolest Thing to Happen to Email Since Gmail


As a Microsoft guy, I live in Outlook as most businesses do.  Lately though, Outlook has been frustrating because it just doesn't work the way I, a geeky, intellectually superior 25 year old, want it to work.  As a personal GMail user, the biggest plus with it is threaded conversation, insanely strong spam filtering, and fast search.  With the exception of spam filtering, Outlook 2007 leaves something to be desired.  I know, it sounds like I'm a Google evangelist, I'm not.  Certain features in information management and productivity just makes sense.  I've been trying to get Gmail style threading in Outlook for a while with no avail.  Sorry, sorting by "conversations" doesn't do it for me.  I want more information with less clicks.  What I really want is for Outlook to predict what information I need and give me access to that information in one or two clicks, hopefully avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome due to crazy mouse manuveurs in the process.  Coming in to the fray is Xobni.

Xobni is inbox spelled backwards, so I wouldn't say its the most intelligent branding, but from a pragmatic viewpoint, it really does flip the rules of email and collaboration.  I haven't tried the software yet since it is invite only, but after seeing the video, I'm sold.  It is everything that is missing from current generation of email solutions.  Experts in business intelligence won't probably see anything new in this technology, but as an end-user, enhancements like Xobni have the ability completely transform business relationships!  I could continue explaining it, but why bother?  Why bother when the geniuses at Xobni have released a great demo video in the typical Web 2.0 fashion?

*Hey Office team, why don't you acquire these guys?  I want some color in my inbox for change and I don't mean categories.*

Below is a teaser video, but click here for an in-depth demo.  Also, invite your friends by clicking the box ----> Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

Did I Mention They're Hiring lol!

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been having a look at Xobni since Viral told us about it a few weeks ago and I’m impressed. I hadn’t

  2. Anonymous says:

    Xobni , the small San Francisco Bay start-up, has gone public with their Outlook, and now Yahoo Mail,

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been looking at a new software add-on package for Microsoft Outlook called Xobni (Inbox spelled

  4. Anonymous says:

    They are a .NET house so I doubt Google would acquire.  They are taking feedback to support yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.

    Thunderbird? eww.  I’ll stick to Gmail.

    In fairness I haven’t tried Thunderbird in a while, I’ll try it out and see the progress its made if you’d care to do the same with Outlook 2007 🙂  

  5. Wolfger says:

    Greatest thing to happen to e-mail? No. Greatest thing to happen to Outlook. Which I would never in a million years use voluntarily. Hopefully they’ll have a Thunderbird plug-in soon, or get acquired by Gmail…

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