How To: Create a Vista SP1 Image Using ImageX.exe and WIM Files

My colleague James O'Neill has a really simple step by step blog post on how to use the new deployment tools that come with Vista to create an SP1 Vista image.  He makes it sound so easy!  * it actually is*  The coolest part of the entire image creation process was that it was done completely on a flash USB stick.  Nothing like a quick 8 minute OS installation courtesy of flash memory providers everywhere!  Read On.

The cool thing with James's blog is that it is really useful as a technical resource, but it is also funny to read because you see, the whit comes free.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea, but there’s some detail missing.

    From his post, "I made myself a Vista+SP1 install disk from the files on an internal server and got to work."

    That’s like saying "magic stuff happens here".

    I think people are interested in that magic.

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