Sony Ericsson Hooks Up With Windows Mobile 6…That’s Hot

Engadget has a great article on a new next-generation device coming out of Sony Ericsson called XPERIA X1.  I have to admit the tile view looks very impressive, not at all like the HTC devices.  Its finally time some of our mobile partners start innovating on the Windows Mobile platform. 

I'll be honest, before the iPhone, Windows Mobile-based smart devices were designed using cheap components that underperformed and were unstable.  Top this off with the poor programming skills of most cell phone companies, and you got junk devices like Orange m3100 which have to be flashed with OEM firmware to be usable.  That's my opinion by the way.  I'm optimistic of the idea of Windows Mobile devices engineered by Sony and Nokia.

Well if this device will make it out of production, I will possibly a happy man as I've been waiting for Sony Ericsson and Nokia to get into the game.  Nokia, are you listening, Symbian isn't cutting it for me. 🙂

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