Windows Task Manager Shortcut

Here's a tip for all of you out there.  In Vista, one thing that annoyed me was how disruptive the the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen was in switching from the desktop to the list.  Most of the time I would have to do this to bring up the task manager.  I just learned a new shortcut.  I'm not sure if it works for XP though.*never needed it cause it was pretty fast with two shortcuts*

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC = Task Manager 🙂

Comments (4)

  1. Eric Denekamp says:

    it works a very longtime already. I used it in different situations when working with VPC in full screen F.I. this was in VPC as invasive as it is in vista.

  2. Andy Parkes says:

    Yeah works on XP, and server 2003

  3. pashish says:

    This is shortcuct is here since Windows 3.x, I dont remember for earlier version (Windows 1 or Windows 2.0).

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