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iFilters are like plugins for search products that extend the functionality of the indexing service.  Windows Indexing Service, MSN Desktop Search, Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), Site Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology can use iFilters like the one FoxIt has to render and index results.  Most of you probably use Adobe iFilters to index your PDFs but I use Foxit because it's just faster at rendering and indexing, in some cases, 4 times as fast!  Another reason you may want to look at Foxit instead of Adobe for PDF indexing is that Adobe has yet to release a 64-bit version of their iFilter.  They do have a pre-release up and available from their labs but they show a lot of pictures of the registry settings and frankly the font/layout of the text is annoying so I really don't feel like reading it.


It is also worth mentioning that Foxit also has a free PDF reader that is much more lightweight then Adobe Reader which seems to just get bigger and more bloated. *irony I know* Learn more about Foxit's iFilter and PDF reader.  Desktop use is free but if you are using the iFilter for a server, you have to license it.  Lucky for you, Foxit has a special holiday promotion for their server license. Why do I feel like I'm a Foxit sales rep?  Don't worry Eileen, I'm not jumping ship.


For more information on some of the iFilters compatible with Microsoft search technologies, visit this will give you a good idea of the scope of file types that can be indexed, after that, just do a search on your favorite search engine ** to see there if there is something of interest.  Also learn how you can improve desktop search with iFilters by visiting Windows Desktop Search page.


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