The History of Five Four

Buddy Icon PreviewMoving to the UK, some have questioned my motives, many have questioned my sanity, but almost all have complimented my style.  I dress myself using one value, one ideal, that at the end of the day five minus four equals one, "one love." 


Why do I care?  At the end of the day people care about those who take care of themselves.  I like to think that at some level, being comfortable AND looking good while doing so are important traits.  Another reason I feel an affinity to Five Four is because of the people there.  With the company originating from the dorm rooms of USC, I feel connected at some small level.  I wish I could tell you the story *wish it was my story*, but it would only be a glimmer in the night sky to the epic that founder J.Dubb has written entitled "My Story."  If you ever want to know what dreams are made of...--VT


Five Four

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