Mac Office 2008 SKUs Announced with Free Upgrades

I've told a lot of people that Mac Office 2008 is one of the coolest consumer products that Microsoft has in the pipeline.  It is really going to open up the way students and home users generate content for projects, classes, and even for business...because YES, businesses do use Macs regardless of what Microsoft marketing would like you to believe.  Although some key business functionality like VBA support will not be in this new release, some of the UI enhancements will make it easier to create the next generation of marketing eye-candy.  Here is a CNet article discussing the details.  The key excerpt from the article is:

"Now, those who purchase Office 2004 for Mac Student and Teacher edition ($149), the Standard version ($399), or the Standard upgrade ($239) are eligible to receive the new Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition for $6.99, the cost of shipping and handling. The Special Media Edition will retail for $499.

The Standard flavor includes a single license, while three licenses are included with the less expensive Student and Teacher edition. Microsoft does not verify whether those who buy this education edition really attend or work at a school or university. However, consumers must pledge in the End User License Agreement that they bought the edition for use in a school.

The Special Media Edition includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Expression Media, an image file management application.

The discount offer lasts until January 14. Office 2008 for Mac is set to ship the next day. Customers' licenses from the 2004 and 2008 versions will remain valid."

For those of you using a Mac haven't seen the new features of Office Mac 2008, visit

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