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Finally!  Today is the day I officially switch from Google Maps to Live Maps.  The new Live Maps has a host of new features, but more importantly it finally brings a better user interface to the world of online mapping *i.e. kicks Google's ass*

new Live Maps

The first improvement legacy users will notice is the elimination of the stupid two-boxed search table which was located at the top.  These two boxes have been conveniently replaced by four elegant button links labeled, "Home", "Hotmail" *I thought it was Live Mail*, "Spaces", and "OneCare."  I'll be writing an in-depth review later this week as I explore some of the new functionality!  In the mean time, visit and make sure you try out the enhanced 3D engine.  Finally, I'll let you in on something really really cool--personalized 3D models of anything you want.

Comments (3)

  1. ScottIsAFool says:

    "*I thought it was Live Mail*"

    Nope, Windows Live Hotmail 🙂 It all get a bit silly in the end.

  2. Andy Parkes says:

    I do like but the single biggest reason i still use google at the moment

    being about to customise the route by dragging the line that is used to show where you should drive

    It’s so useful when you need to tweak your route

  3. John Doe says:

    I live in India where Live Maps doesn’t have detailed imagery. So as far as I am concerned, Google Maps still kicks Live’s ass.

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