Accessibility Kit for SharePoint


Microsoft has partnered with world-renowned accessibility partner, HiSoftware, to give SharePoint developers the tools they need to comply with various accessibility and disability laws.  The Internet is exploding and with the growing socioeconomic importance of the various services offered by websites, organizations, especially commercial, must understand their obligations to comply with various state, federal, and national laws that exist in the US and Europe.  Up until now, developers of SharePoint have not had the tools necessary to easily comply or even analyze how accessible their websites were.  Microsoft and HiSoftware are strongly committed to those with disabilities, and as such it is giving these tools out for free under the Microsoft Shared Source license so that the community can continue to enhance functionality.

To learn more about the AKS 1.0 kit, please visit

See the press release announced at Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) in London

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