Near Realtime Video and Image Sharing with Jing

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I was downloading Camtasia so that I could begin recording some screencasts when I discovered one of Techsmith's *makers of Camtasia* pet project called Jing.  With a name like Jing, who could resist clicking on it.  Even as I contemplated on what it could possibly be, my mind wandered to interesting verbs and adjectives like "Jing it to me" and "thats Jinging!"  I finally clicked and was taken to a very well designed site, which was surprising considering the unimpressive main site for Techsmith.

As I read on to learn about this new web technology, I succumbed and finally let their video do all the talking.  My jaw dropped.  Not because it was an amazing revolution in software, but rather, it was Techsmith's innovation in blending their intellectual property is a compelling software + services offering.  For those that need a vision of how a software + services world looks like independent of Microsoft, look no further.  I installed it right away and used it to take a screenshot and draw an arrow.  Its like print screen on steroids connected  to a web service.... jinging awesome .

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