OneNote Web Exporter…*pst* It’s Open Source





Anyone who works with me knows that I'm a big OneNote fanatic!  Not only is it a great piece of software, it is a great development platform for ISVs.  One of the great things developers can do is tap into the OneNote API and extend functionality.

David Tse is a program manager on the OneNote team, and in his free time, he has created nice web export utility that allows web browsers to have a rich interactive experience with OneNote content.  The project is currently being hosted on Codeplex, Microsoft's open-source content repository and source-code revisioning site.

Now the web exporter is is still pre-1.0 but that shouldn't stop you from trying it out and because it's open source, you can actually help to make it better!

Check out the OneNote Web Exporter here!

To read more about new OneNote utilities, head on over to Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog and also visit the OneNote Powertoys collection. --VT

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