Windows Live Showcase: Photo Management For Everyone

In the world of consumer photo/movie management software, people only had three free options, Windows XP's "My Pictures," Google's Picasa, or iPhoto.  Of course we all know that iPhoto isn't really free, you have to buy an Apple to use it.  Then along came Vista and PC users were greeted with Windows Photo Gallery.  With the new version of Movie Maker, "Digital Lifestyle" finally arrived to the Windows world, Microsoft style. 

Live Photo Gallery is an upgrade to Vista's Photo Gallery that improves the application by giving it additional functionality, primarily the ability to seamlessly upload your content online to share to the world.  Whether it is a movie or a photo, you can upload your content to Spaces or Soapbox with one simple click.  The best part of this entire application is that Microsoft is releasing it for both Vista and XP!  This a great pro-consumer move as I always felt that XP dropped the ball when it came to usable "Lifestyle" apps.  For me the killer feature will be Flickr integration, but that is just plain speculation.

Click over to the Windows Vista Blog to learn more details on this great product! 

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