New Job, New Country, New Launch

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To all my readers out there, at present, all five of you, I thought it would be a great way to kick my new blog with a summary of where I've been and why I've decided to start a new blog.  My first foray in the Microsoft blogging scene was the Vacuum Tube.  It was a fun little blog that got me aquainted with blogging but it wasn't really focused mostly because I there were so many cool things to talk about, I didn't really know what had a strong passion for.  I'm what you would call a "Jack of All, Master of None."

So what will the focus of this new job be?  What is my new job?  Where the hell am I?  I'll answer these questions succinctly: still an IT Evangelist with Microsoft but my focus is not exclusively on collaboration technologies i.e. Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Groove, and Office Communications Server.  Now for the big one.  I left 77 and sunny Los Angeles, CA for 66 and cloudy London.  Yup LONDON, and I couldn't be happier!  Six years of LA eats at your soul, thought I still consider it my home; I needed to get out.


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