Did You Know: Live Photo Gallery Does Panoramic Auto-Stitching?

My cousin decided to get a new place and needed to post pictures of their apartment on Craigslist.  I suggested they try panoramic pics of their place to show the size of the apartment.  Being a lazy person, he didn’t care, so I did it for him, mostly to satisfy my technical curiosity. The Raw…


Christmas Webcasts: Clearing Your Inbox of Unread Junk – Step 2

This tip covers how to discover what is eating up all of your inbox quota/disk space via “folder size” window.  Also the webcast will show you how to clean out hidden folders that may not show up in Outlook due to sync corruption.  Finally, learn about AutoArchive and setting appropriate archive policy for your emails….


Christmas Webcast Bugs

I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve recently become aware of some audio glitches in my first two Christmas webcasts and I am trying to debug/resolve them.  If you try to get through some of the glitches, it eventually disappears.  The message of the webcasts still get across for the most part.  Sorry for…


Christmas Webcasts: Clearing Your Inbox of Unread Junk – Step 1

We all do it.  We all let email pile up in our inbox until we have unread emails in the triple digits.  Whether it is Hotmail, GMail, or Outlook, it happens to the best of us.  We are all in a continuous state of information overload cause us to ignore or put up with the…


Death to the Start Menu – Part I

So I have been playing around with Vista SP1 RC and so far it has been a much more enjoyable experience from a usability perspective. The number UAC prompts are down, network performance regarding file sharing is now what it should have been at release time and stability is much better. I always thought the…


Microsoft’s New Year is Gonna Bring a lot of Change

Bink.nu has an extensive list of new software that Microsoft will be unleashing in the marketplace.  It is amazing to be part of this company during a time where there has been just a dramatic change in product life-cycles.  This is in stark contrast to the Microsoft of six years ago that was somewhat stagnant…


Christmas Webcasts:Adding Content to Search Server

Here is the a quick blogcast showing how to index web sites, network file shares, Sharepoint sites, and Exchange Public Folders.  This is very basic but will hopefully show you how easy the interface is.  The parts will get increasingly complex in the coming days.  


Outlook and Search Server Christmas Webcasts

I always get into the holiday mood late. While people graciously spend their Novembers shopping, feasting, and buying plane tickets to spend time with their loved ones, I get a head start in my procrastination efforts. The reality is I don’t get into the Christmas spirit until the week before. Maybe it has something to…


Internet Explorer 8 Passes Acid2 Test, "HolyShit" says Slashdot

For the non developers out there, you may be wondering what Acid2 is, but in the web developer world, its HUGE!  Slashdot’s tagging of the article is actually quite hilarious.  Read about this historic milestone on the IE Team Blog.  Also Channel9 has an interesting interview regarding development around Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).  pst…..pst….*what?!* pst….Beta…