Searching on EPM Connect

Just a little bit of information for you all… Microsoft’s EPM Connect website now uses MOSS Enterprise Search! A glorious combination of two of my favourite technologies! Try out the new search capabilities and let me know if you notice the difference!

Sharepoint Online

Just when you thought Sharepoint could not possibly be any more fantastic, Microsoft announce the release of Sharepoint Online!   This is a hosted service, which means customers no longer need to worry about deployment, configuration and management of Sharepoint server farms, but can still make use of the excellent collaboration and information sharing possibilities…


The Magical World of Sharepoint – A Brief Overview

Starting at Microsoft has introduced me to an amazing technology – Sharepoint. Although I’m slightly late on the uptake (Sharepoint has been around in various forms since since 2001 and has been hugely successful for Microsoft), I’m sure there are still many partners who are unaware if the benefits Sharepoint can bring to their business,…