SharePoint Server 2007 – Business Processes and Forms

In this demo, recorded by Chris Parkes, a fellow PTS, we look at how SharePoint Server can make use of InfoPath forms and workflow to improve and simplify business processes.


Chris first creates a Forms Library on a SharePoint site, to store completed InfoPath forms. He then highlights some of the features of InfoPath, including repeating tables and conditional formatting, as well as demonstrating how to configure submitted forms to the SharePoint Forms Library. Chris also highlights the compatibility settings for checking the form is suitable to be completed and submitted from within a browser. Chris then demonstrates some of the settings within the Forms Library, such as rendering the form in the web page.


By using SharePoint Designer, now available as a free download, Chris demonstrates how to create a workflow linked to the Forms Library.


Chris then shows how the InfoPath can be completed within the browser, and how the completed form is stored in the Forms Library, created at the beginning of the demo.


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