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Here is a collection of documents, videos and guidance for making a more secure Azure environment for your resources in the cloud.

Azure Security

Privileged Access Workstation

This is a collection of resources from security experts at Microsoft.  When going into Azure Government, customers go there for enhanced security provided by FedRAMP High standards that are supported.  When accessing such a secure environment, you don't want to add a weak link, so a secure (or privileged) access workstation should be considered to access Azure Government.

Security Videos

Penetration Testing

I thought I'd give this a section by itself, as many customers ask me about what is done or what can they do.

Tools & Scripts

Networking Security

I get this request often "How do we keep networks secure in Azure?  Here are a couple of huge resources

Just a quick start...more to come!

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  1. Tom Shinder says:

    And remember the best one of all!

    1. mzbowe says:

      Thank you Mr. Shinder! I did have it in the list, but as the PDF Download. So I added your handy shortcut to browse online. Keep them coming!

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