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Shortcuts for learning about Azure Stack, shortcuts for training and certification, and just shortcuts to quickly find content on any topic on Azure Stack!

Learning Resources – fast track it

All Shortcuts start with Want to read more about what Azure Stack is? Goto for the high level overviews or for the complete whitepaper.  One of my favorite finds for learning is on Channel 9 called the Azure Stack Channel = At the last MS Ignite 2016, there were also about a dozen sessions on Azure Stack.  Find those at

Also, for those parts of Azure that live in Azure Stack, you can see my page as well for lots of resources to assist.  At the core of it all, my IaaSOpsGuide will probably have the most usefulness for Azure Stack.  You can find that at

Useful Training and Certification

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates – skills

Once you are done with the POC setup, is to grab some QuickStart Templates!  Azure ARM Templates are how resources are deployed. Get them at Read Template Deployment, to understand about what JSON templates are and how they are used in Azure and Azure Stack. To take your learning to the next level with some free training, I’d recommend these resources below to eventually become an ARM Template Ninja!

PowerShell Skills

In Addition to knowing how to craft ARM Templates, from the resources above, PowerShell Skills also come in handy for either Azure or Azure Stack.  And who better to teach you than the inventor himself in these two online courses….most excellent Mr. Snover!

Certification for Readiness

While these certifications are not specific to Azure Stack, since Azure Stack is fundamentally Azure and you will make Hybrid Scenarios, I’d recommend the right certification track in Azure to match your role.  Once Azure Stack certifications are ready, I’ll update these as well.

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Exam Certification Preparation
    • ms/mva/70-533 – Microsoft Virtual Academy 1 hour preparation session
    • Exam Objectives to prepare ms/70-533

    Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam Certification Preparation

    • ms/mva/70-534 – Microsoft Virtual Academy 1 hour preparation session
    • Exam Objectives to prepare ms/70-534

    Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam Certification Preparation

    • ms/mva/70-532 – Microsoft Virtual Academy 1 hour preparation session
    • Exam Objectives to prepare ms/70-532

For all of the above, I just discovered some new FREE Azure online training from PluralSight.

The Azure Stack Shortcuts!

Shortcut URL Description
Canary Validator
Cisco Read about the Cisco Hardware that will be available after GA
Differences Differences between Azure and Azure Stack
EAI Early Adopters Channel – must be a member
Forum MSDN Forum to post Q&A with the Product Group


Hybrid PDF detailing Hybrid Applications across Azure and Azure Stack
InAzure You can pretend deploy Azure Stack in an Azure Resource Group for testing
IPAddresses or Network
iDNS iDNS is a new feature that allows resolution of external DNS names (such as It also allows you to register internal virtual network names. By doing so, you can resolve VMs on the same virtual network by name rather than IP address, without having to provide custom DNS server entries.


Ignite Search for all of the latest MS Ignite Sessions on Azure Stack
Linux Information on Creating Linux VMs
Meters Answers some frequently asked questions about the Azure Stack Usage API and what Meter IDs you can see.
Multi-Tenancy or MultiTenancy How to configure Azure Stack to support users from multiple Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants to use services in Azure Stack
Offer What an Offer is and how to create one
Plan What a Plan is and how to make one
POC How to get the Azure Stack POC environment up and running from the beginning.
Prerequisites Prerequisites for the Azure Stack POC


Quotas What are Azure Stack Quotas and how to make them


RBAC Learn about Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) in Azure Stack.  To learn more about RBAC see
S2S Create a Site to Site VPN for Azure Stack
ServicePrincipal What is a Service Principal and how to make one for Applications
SQL Use SQL databases on Azure Stack
SQLRP How to make and setup the SQL Resource Provider
Subscribe How a tenant (customer) would subscribe
Troubshoot or Troubleshooting
Updates How to do updates on Azure Stack
UsageFAQ This article answers some frequently asked questions about the Azure Stack Usage API.
UsageReporting Usage data, also called as consumption data represents the amount of resources used. In Azure Stack, usage data must be reported to Azure for billing purpose. Azure Stack administrators should configure their Azure Stack instance to report usage data to Azure.
Validator Github Porject to Validate ARM Templates for use with Azure Stack
VirtualMachines An overview of the unique considerations for Virtual Machines and its features in Azure Stack
VisualStudio Install Visual Studio Community edition for Azure Stack
WebApps To give tenants the ability to create Web, Mobile, and API applications with their Azure Stack subscription, these are the steps to add an App Service Resource Provider
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