A new blog name and URL

Just a short post.  I think Tangent Thoughts doesn't really apply as much as it did 5 years ago when I started this.  Plus it isn't that catchy or easy to remember for most people.  Most of my posts lately are either around Azure, Server or Identity topics.  Since that is a mouth full to put into a title, I'm going to use a catch phrase I've been using at Microsoft for a while, that has been catching on.  Being a hardcore Infrastructure person both on-premises and in the Cloud, I've joked many times that I am "Allergic To Code".  So there the secret is out.  Although everyone tells me that since I do some PowerShell, that is code.  I get that.  But a developer, I am not.

So be proud of your Infrastructure-ness.  Be "Allergic to Code".  And now an easier method to find this blog at aka.ms/AllergicToCode 🙂

I have other URLs for the root of this blog if any of them are easier to remember.

  • aka.ms/TangentThoughts (The original one)
  • aka.ms/MarkGrimes
  • aka.ms/BookMarkThis - I almost thought of changing my title to this as I often make posts starting with that.  But not always.

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