Back to Basics with Active Directory |

As my career progresses and I dive deeper and deeper into the cloud, every once in a while my core Windows Server Active Directory roots come up and tap me on the shoulder.  Or else others ping me to say “Hey, where are the best resources out there for Active Directory goodness?”. Since many of…


One Dozen Azure Apps to Test for Identity with Azure AD

Just like a good book, you buy one and hope to then read it someday in your “free” time. So here are a bunch of code samples that I want to try out for Authentication and Authorization examples for Azure AD.  Maybe you would like to try some too? You can get hundreds of code…


Azure PIM – initial walkthrough and links

In this post, I am taking another shortcut out of the page and expanding it out a little more. The Azure PIM documentation is pretty detailed on But as I was setting up my lab to demonstrate this, I wanted to capture the setup of this for others as I was doing this….


What’s the difference?

In Azure or on-premises, there are many different types of load balancers to use. While the basic concept is the same, they all do things slightly differently. In this post I am to help all of us determine if when and why I would use any of the possibilities that are out there. You have…


Everything you wanted to know about Azure Templates

While my intent of this blog is to introduce a new template preview feature in the Azure portal, I want to first highlight a few of the best articles about Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. After the quick list of links, then I will break into this new preview feature for templates in the portal…


Identity Sessions On-Demand @ MS Ignite 2017

Whether you made it to MS Ignite 2017 in Orlando or not this year, you may not have been able to see ALL of the Identity Focused sessions.  Now you can catch them all ON DEMAND. Of course you can find any and all other sessions by clicking at Channel 9. They are also on YouTube…


Ignite 2016 Cert Prep Sessions

Bookmark This! Hello all.  I have started to deliver my usual Azure Cert Prep Sessions here in Atlanta.  I always like to reference both the recorded sessions and also the ppt decks that I load up full of resources for you to use. I have older versions for these presentations for the last TechReady, but…


Azure Identity Updates Sept 12th – hot off the press

Hello all.  Was scouring the Azure site for what’t new, and discovered several new posts for Identity.  Here they are! Preview: Managing user account provisioning for enterprise apps in the new Azure portal Preview: Managing single sign-on for enterprise apps in the new Azure portal Azure Active Directory reporting – preview Add or change work…


Got Azure? Get ARM Policies!

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Policies In my Azure Online IaaS Operations guide ( I have a complete section on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) tidbits you need to know about. But in this post, I wanted to talk specifically about one aspect of ARM, ARM Policies. The question is; can you live without them?  Same answer…


Got VM Scale Sets?

VM Scale Sets enable you to deploy and manage multiple VMs as a set. Instead of provisioning multiple individual VMs, you provision a Scale Set based on an image, just like a regular VM. The Azure platform then provisions and de-provisions VMs based on that image as needed. High availability, load balancing, and scaling are…