Azure Active Directory Core Skills | Level 100

These are the fundamental skills and concepts that everyone should be familiar with about Azure Active Directory. As these change and evolve, I will update these links, as well as this will be referenced at the parent Azure AD blog post

Azure Active Directory Core Skills

  1. What is Azure Active Directory
  2. Manage Azure Accounts, Subscriptions, and Administrative Roles - while not specific to Azure AD, these roles control the big picture surrounding it in particular for these three roles
  3. How to get an Azure Active Directory tenant

  1. Account Administrator
    1. logs into
  2. Service Administrator 
    1. logs into or the older management portal at
  3. Co-Administrator 
    1. logs into or the older management portal at

Integration On-Premises Active Directory with Azure AD

While many aspects of this can get beyond a 200 level of information, this is probably one of the fundamental things most customers will be doing as they on-board to the cloud and integrating SaaS applications like Office 365.

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