Review, Refresh and Revitalize your Group Policy Skills – Updated for Server 2012

Ever since the first time I went to TechEd....a really, really long time ago, the first presentation that really impressed me for both content and presentation skills was on Group Policies.  As a hint to when this was, Group Policies were just being released!  For about another 10 years after that, I taught Group Policies at a well known computer training company.  You would think at least from an Academic perspective, I would have been at least at a 400 level of knowledge; and at the time I was, but the wheels of change just don't stop!  Later, I worked on an Active Directory migration project from Windows Server 2003 to 2008R2.  While many things were the same, quite a few things in Group Policies had changed. Even later, I was fortunate to be part of the Windows Server 2012 (Server 8 beta then) Rapid Deployment team at Microsoft.  Although I did not directly work on Group Policies on that project, I realized that there were enough significant changes throughout Server 2012, that surely the Product Groups had listened to our customers and made a few changes under the hood.  They did, and so I started talking with folks in the product groups for both Active Directory and the Group Policy team. They were kind enough to share their tips and tricks which I wrote down ferociously!  I also found on the web a nice old download called the Group Policy Documentation Survival Guide. With all the changes in Server 2012, I thought it could use a little refresh, so here is my first try at it. I took what was still applicable from what existed out there, and added all the tips and tricks that I got from the real experts on the subject for Server 2012 plus other Gems that many people often miss!

For part II of this blog, I will list out many of the subtopics related to this handout I made, that I will be speaking on soon! Additionally, as questions or comments are shared/learned during my presentations, I will post those findings here as well. I hope this information is useful for you as it has been for me, whether you are new or experienced with Group Policies, there is something for everyone to learn!  Enjoy.



Windows Server 2012 Group Policy Guide.pdf

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  1. Mike Kline says:

    Good list and links.  I'd add some others in there GP MVP Darren Mar-Elia has a really good mailing list (GPTALK) all about group policy.

    GP MVP Jeremy Moskowitz also updated his popular Group Policy book (released 1/2013) to include Windows 2012/8



  2. Jeremy Moskowitz says:

    Thanks Mike !

    I also want to mention I have formal LIVE and ONLINE training for Group Policy — soup to nuts, implementation and security, Windows XP, 7, 8 and Server 2008 / R2 and 2012 at

    Literally, thousands of administrators have taken this course.

    Download the latest outline and see what REALLY learning Group Policy can do for you.

    Thanks for letting me bring this plug to anyone who stumbles across here. Thanks !

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