Lync 2010 Voice commands

Voice Power Shell commands

 Dial Plan

To create a new dial plan, we use the new-csdialplan command:

New-CsDialPlan -Identity site:Dubai -SimpleName DubaiSiteDialPlan

To add a new normalization rule to that dial plan we use the new-csvoicenormalizationrule command

New-CsVoiceNormalizationRule -Identity "site:DubaiPrefix" -Pattern "^9(\d*){1,5}$" -Translation "+9714$1"

To modify a dial plan with a new external access prefix

Set-CsDialPlan -Identity DubaisiteDialPlan –ExternalAccessPrefix 8

To create a new voice normalization rule, use the New-CsVoiceNormalizationRule cmdlet. The following rule has the name DubaiFourDigit and will be assigned to the dial plan DubaiUser

New-CsVoiceNormalizationRule -Parent SeattleUser -Name DubaiFourDigit -Description "Dialing with internal four-digitextension" -Pattern '^(\d{4})$' -Translation '+9714555$1'

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 Configuring Voice Policies, PSTN Usage Records, and Voice Routes

To create a new voice policy

New-CsVoicePolicy –Identity UserVoicePolicy2 -AllowSimulRing $False -PstnUsages @{Add = "Local"}

To modify a voice policy

Set-CsVoicePolicy UserVoicePolicy2 -AllowSimulRing $False -PstnUsages @{add = "Long Distance"}

To view a pstn usage

Get-CsPstnUsage | Select-Object –ExpandProperty Usage

To create a voice route

New-CsVoiceRoute -Identity Route1 -PstnUsages @{add="Long Distance"} -PstnGatewayList @{add="PstnGateway:"}

To modify a voice route

Set-CsVoiceRoute -Identity Route1 -Description "Test Route"

to use both the Get-CsVoiceRoute and Set-CsVoiceRoute cmdlets to add a new PSTN gateway to a voice route

$x = Get-CsVoiceRoute -Identity Route1


Set-CsVoiceRoute -Instance $x

To configure route with multiple gateways

Set-CsVoiceRoute -Identity “LocalRoute” -Description “local number routes” -NumberPattern “^(\+9714{7})$” -PstnUsages @{add=”Local”} -PstnGatewayList @{add=”pstngateway:”, ”pstngateway:”}


Configuring Trunks and Translation Rules

To configure media bypass on a trunk

New-CsTrunkConfiguration -Identity site:Dubai -EnableBypass $True –MaxEarlyDialogs 40 –SRTPMode Required

To configure trunk without media bypass

New-CsTrunkConfiguration -Identity site:Dubai -EnableBypass $False –MaxEarlyDialogs 40 –SRTPMode Required

To export a voice routing configuration:

Get-CsVoiceRoute –Identity "DubaiRoute" | Export-Clixml –Path "C:\Routes\DubaiRoute.xml"

To import a voice routing configuration:

Import-Clixml –Path "C:\Routes\DubaiRoute.xml" | Set-CsVoiceRoute









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