How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD account login

This is a step by step guide for enabling Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD Users.

The procedure is pretty straight forward,

1.    Login into Azure Portal -> Active Directory -> Users -> Manage MULTI-FACTOR AUTH at the bottom

2.    Select a user/users to enable Multi-Factor Authentication

3.    Pop-up displays, continue “enable Multi-Factor Authentication”

4.     Confirm “enabled”

5.    Continue “Enforce”

6.    Continue “Enforce”

7.    Navigate to “Manage user settings”

8.    Select the option below then save

9.    Log out and log back in to Azure portal using “Multi-Factor Auth enabled user account”

10.  You are redirected to the authentication method page

Select the authentication method then log back in, you will get with a phone call/SMS/Phone App notification depends on the method selected above.

11.  Log back into Azure Portal

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