How to add Apps like Facebook, Google, Twitter to Azure AD

This is a step-by-step guide for enabling Azure Multi-Factor Authentication when logging in Azure AD liked Apps (such as Google App/Facebook/Twitter...).

The example I have used is for Facebook here.

Before get started, please enable Multi-Factor Authentication for users to log in using the link below:

1.    Navigate to Active Directory and select a Directory

2.    Go to APPLICATIONS and select one, “Facebook selected here”


4.    To assign users/groups

5.    To assign users/groups continue

6.    Enter Login ID and Password for App (ex. Facebook)

7.    Verify a user has been added

8.    Click “DASHBOARD” to check login URL

9.    Browse copy URL

10.    Log in again

11.    Installation pop-up for application dashboard

12.    Here you go !!

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