ADFS Multiple Domain configuration steps – Simple guide

1. ADD a new domain to AAD domain in Azure Portal or O365 Portal. 2. Add 3rd O365 RP claim rule in ADFS management – For Multiple Forest c:[Type == “”] => issue(Type = “”, Value = regexreplace(c.Value, “.+@(?<domain>.+)”, “http://${domain}/adfs/services/trust/”)); – For Multiple UPN/Sub-domain c:[Type == “”] => issue(Type = “”, Value = regexreplace(c.Value, “^.*@([^.]+\.)*?(?<domain>([^.]+\.?){2})$”,…


Query request for Azure Usage/Billing API using Postman

Reference Link to query report.   Generate Bearer Token Login-AzureRmAccount $AccountName =”” $Password = “UserPassword” $PayLoad=”resource=”+$AccountName+”&scope=openid&password=”+$Password $Response=Invoke-WebRequest -Uri “” -Method POST -Body $PayLoad $ResponseJSON=$Response|ConvertFrom-Json $ResponseJSON Results,   From Postman


Multi-Factor Authentication for Securing RD Gateway Server

System Environment   Configuration 1. Select MFA as an RADIUS Proxy   2. NPS server configuration   3. NPS server configuration – cont #1   4. NPS server configuration – cont #2   5. NPS server configuration – cont #3   6. NPS server configuration – cont #4   7. NPS server configuration – cont #5   8. MFA…


HowTo : Azure Linux VM OS partition expansion

Run followin Azure powershell, Login-AzureRmAccount Get-AzureRmSubscription $subscriptionId = “Your Subscription ID” $rgName = “YourResourceGroupName” $vmName = “th-centos” $vm = Get-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name $vmName PS C:\> Stop-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name $vmName OperationId : Status : Succeeded StartTime : 2016-11-28 PM 2:44:30 EndTime : 2016-11-28 PM 2:46:41 Error : PS C:\> $vm.StorageProfile.OSDisk.DiskSizeGB = 130 PS C:\> Update-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName…


Create a custom VM into Existing Resource Group using Azure RM PowerShell

#Install Azure RM module if missing and Login to Azure Install-Module -name AzureRM -AllowClobber Login-AzureRmAccount Get-AzureRmSubscription   #Set Variables $subscriptionId =  ‘d855443e-XXXX-4a82-9a63-XXXXXXXXXXXX $storageAccountName = ‘YourStorageAccountName’ $sourceImageUri =’   $resourceGroupName     = “YourResourceGroupName” $locationName          = “YourLocationName”                                    => Ex) Japan East $vnetName              = “YourExistingVirtualNetworkName” $vmnetinf              = “YourNewNetworkInterfaceName” $backendSubnetName     = “YourExistingSubNetName” $remoteAccessNSGName   = “YourNewNSGName ” $vmname                =…


Workplace Join/Device Registration to Azure AD for Local Domain joined Windows 7

<A reference originated>   <Pre-requisite> Accounts between On-premise and Azure AD must be synchronized via AAD connect   <System Configuration check> From DNS server,        From ADFS server, 1. O365 federation 2. Enable device registration Initialize-ADDeviceRegistration Enable-AdfsDeviceRegistration Set-AdfsDeviceRegistration -ServiceAccountIdentifier mfalab3\taehee Get-AdfsDeviceRegistration setspn -Q host/   3. Add claimrules c:[Type == “”] => issue(claim…


How to request an Azure Support.

   Please follow the simple procedure below to create an Azure Support for Technical, Billing and Subscription issues. To begin with, check the link to make sure if you have support plans   1. Browse Azure Portal, 2. Click “?” at top-right corner à New Support Request   3. Select Basic information, then Next…


Powershell Script: Task scheduler – Scheduling shutdown Azure VMs

In this article, you will be able to setup TASK schedule to run Azure PowerShell script. Automatic shutdown VMs will be used as an example – Save Money!! Table of Contents 1. Create a schedule 2. Triggers(Daily in the example) 3. Enter “powershell.exe” and location of the script in “Add arguments” Example of “PowerShell scripts…


How to guide : Graphical desktop (X Windows System) access to Azure Linux VM

From the client, Download x2goclient, From the server Install X2Go Server sudo apt-get install python-software-properties sudo apt-get install software-properties-common sudo add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install x2goserver x2goserver-xsession MATE Bindings sudo apt-get install x2gomatebindings KDE Plasma Bindings sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop XFCE Bindings sudo apt-get install xfce4 LXDE Bindings sudo apt-get all…


AAD Connect : How to add an OU to be synced

Here goes to add an OU for AAD Connect sync. 1. Open AAD Connect Synchronization Service Manager 2. Select on-prem AD connector and click Properties 3. Configure Directory Partitions -> Containers 4. Enter Password and click OK 5. Select an OU to be added, “AAD Connect” in this example 6. Create an user for test…