Simplified SCOM Override Tracking

I often get requests from customers for assistance in tracking and controlling Overrides within SCOM.   Obviously overrides can be found and managed from within the Authoring pane of the Console and the built-in ‘Overrides’ Report in the Microsoft Generic Report Library provides a significant amount of detail.  However, many SCOM Admins would like an easier way to simply view a list of all overrides, see recent changes, view details, and even compare the ‘Default Value’ to the ‘Override Value’. 

The simplest way to accomplish this is by creating an ‘Overrides Summary View’ in the ‘My Workspace’ pane of the Operations Manager Console.



From here it is possible to customize the Criteria for which overrides should be included along with the type of data that should be displayed.  Typically, I choose to display the following Columns and adjust the order as shown below: (Note: ‘unchecking the Management Pack Object Type’ will change the view to a simple list instead of having the overrides sorted by type)

Often the purpose for creating a view such as this is to track recent overrides that have been created.  To do this simply check the box ‘was added in a specified time period’ and identify the time period that you are interested in as seen below:

The final result should look something like this:


Hopefully this is helpful in simplifying the ways in which you can view and track SCOM Overrides in your environment.


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