SysCtr 2012 ConfigMgr CU1 Installed: Mission Accomplish

I have been wanted to install System Center 2012 Configuration Manager CU1 on my lab but I haven’t got the chance to install it. If you haven’t installed it yet either like I was, go and download it from the following link Once you download the hotfix you can then install the hotfix, I will talk in general terms on what is needed to install a hotfix in ConfigMgr. Since the SMS days the method of installing and update or service pack has to be one from Top Down, First you will install the hotfix on your CAS, Primary Site and Secondary Site then last the clients See Figure 1.0. The normal installation of a Cumulative Update it’s not different in this concept, lets read more about it.

Here is a visual example of the process involve.


Figure 1.0

Here are the Steps to Install the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager CU1.

Now I extract the CU1 on the site server and start the installation process.


Click on the ConfigMgr2012-RTM-CU1-KB2717295-x64-ENU.exe

Wait till the wizard load.


Click Next


Click I accept these license terms and click next


The prerequisite check will validate that you can proceed with the installation, click next if available. Otherwise you have issues that need to be addressed, review the log file to identify the problem and come with a solution.


Click on update the site database and click next


Since I’m connected to a primary site server all 3 options are available if you are updating just the console manually you will have all other options grey out, click next one you finish your selection.


Validate the package name, program and ensure that the package source is accessible. Click Next


Click Next


Click Next


Click Next


Make sure all the information here is what you want to install on your site and click Install.


This process may take some time to install.


Once it’s completed you can review the log file and click next


You have finished you installation


If you are interested in knowing where the source files are for each of the updates here is the location.


And finally here is where you can send the updates via ConfigMgr.

If you found problems during the installation or need to remove CU1 your best choice will be to go to the following folder c:\cb62a3e35814d5c974cf3380


Right click the configmgr2012-rtm-cu1-kb2717295-x64-enu.msi and click uninstall or msiexec.exe /x configmgr2012-rtm-cu1-kb2717295-x64-enu.msi

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Santos Martinez - Premier Field Engineer - SMS/ConfigMgr/SQL

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