SCOM 1801 Install Linux Agent

Supported platforms IBM AIX 6.1 IBM AIX 7 (Power) HP-UX 11i v3 IA64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 (Power) Solaris 10 SPARC Solaris 10 x86 Solaris 11 SPARC Solaris 11 x86 Solaris UTF-8 Support SUSE Linux…


Implementing previous post by using Visual Studio Authoring Extension

Implementation the previous post "SCOM Rule contains timed script and Alert without condition" are already been covered by Jonathan Almquist – but Jonathan explains how to write this rule by MP Authoring tool, I will show you how to create this rule by using Visual Studio Authoring Extension: first you need to download the VSAE…


SCOM Rule contains timed script and Alert without condition

Organization demand is to running script and alert the result to forward the content to other systems. Implementation by creating – Custom Rule that contains Data Source to running the script in every X time, and Condition (in this example the condition every time will be true) and Write Action to Alerts with Property bag content Data…


Deploy SCOM Agent Update Rollup on non-remotely managed agents

Period of time Microsoft release Update rollups for SCOM system. [Kevin Holman write post "step by step update" – ] After you finish to running the updates for all server roles, all agents that installed remotely or configure 'remotely managed = true' in DB' are enter to Pending management and waiting that you push…


View Alerts in Powershell Grid Widget

SCOM 2012 R2 UR2 come with new Widget named ‘Powershell Grid’ widget in this post you will learn how to view specific alerts in this widget by using simple Powershell script, 1. write the script. 2. build the grid template commands. 3. create new dashboard select Powershell grid widget, and insert the script with grid commands….


Monitor SQL Database value return incorrect result

Issue: you have to monitor SQL database value using Unit Monitor / timed script, by VB Script and return the value to property bag, but the result is Misinformation. for example: Monitoring Specific runbook status from Orchestrator Database, Policies table, column Published, show the runbook status, value '0' Meaning Runbook stopped. Dim objCN, strConnection Dim objAPI,…


SCOM Rule – Run PowerShell Script

Some times you need to run Powershell Script on Multiple servers during certain times of the day, from the Console you have the Rule execution command but you need to save the script file on local targets, and the script also run remotely , by SCOM Console you can only create new rule that running VBScript on local target server, in…


Configure State to SCOM Group that Depending on his Members

your create Group in SCOM Console called "My Group" with computer object member In Discover Inventory under Monitoring tab, you can see that on group didn't have State, that because group was not inherited the monitors from is members to configure state that depend on members status [Useful in dashboards], you need to create Dependency monitor  …


Problem with installing Orchestrator and SCOM on the same server

I came across many environments installed the system center Orchestrator server on the SCOM server, since their main use of the Orchestrator server messaging is for the SCOM server, by using System Center integration Pack for OM called with activity 'Monitor Alert'  and install it on him anyway, Indeed ongoing work properly and delivered messages, but when doing…