How to use the Fix Computer Group tool to rebuild computer groups deleted from Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

When a computer group is created in Essentials 2010 using Create a Computer Group in the Computers space, a corresponding group is created in the WSUS database. This can be seen in the WSUS console.

Figure 1. Computer groups in the WSUS console.


Deleting these computer groups from the WSUS console will result in the computer group not showing in the Computers space.

Use this tool if you no longer see some or all computer groups in the Essentials console that you had previously created.

Running the Fix Computer Group tool

The Fix Computer Group tool must be run on the Essentials 2010 server.

To run this tool:

1.       Open a Command Prompt window with Administrator rights.

2.       Navigate to the Essentials 2010 installation directory.

3.       Run LinkDG.exe.

The Fix Computer Group tool does not take any arguments. It will connect to the Essentials 2010 server and identify or fix any broken computer group relationships. The tool will display a list of completed tasks in the command prompt window after completion.

Figure 2. Default Essentials 2010 computer groups fixed.

Figure 3. Customized Essentials 2010 computer groups fixed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi WD,

    I saw your request for the tool, and i also couldent find the tool mentioned in the directory,
    But i knew there was an toolkit for sce on the site.

    Im going to test this to, but i allready saw that the LinkDG was listed under the detail section.

  2. WD says:


    I can't find this utility nowhere, and it is not in the root directory of SCE 2010.

    how to get it?

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