Why are my Performance Graphs Empty in Essentials?

Have you wondered why some of the performance views and dashboards in the Monitoring Space don’t have any data to display, yet others do? You can see an example of this by going to the Monitoring Space, expanding the Microsoft Windows Server folder and then expanding the Performance sub Folder.   The "Disk Capacity", "Memory Utilization…


Fix to enable Remote Assistance task on Vista and Windows Server 2008

As Dustin mentioned in the previous post, we recently released an update to the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Essentials.2007.mp. We have also released KB956890 which provides additional details. This update resolves an issue where the Remote Assistance task fails to execute if the System Center Essentials console is running on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. Without the fix,…


Management Packs for System Center Essentials

A management pack is a definition file (either with an .xml or .mp extension) that contains predefined monitoring settings that enable an agent to monitor a specific service or application in Operations Manager 2007 or Essentials 2007. These predefined settings include discovery information that allows Operations Manager and Essentials to automatically detect and begin monitoring services and applications,…


Announcing the System Center Essentials Technology Adoption Program

This announcement is to alert you that the next version of System Center Essentials Technology Adoption Program (TAP) is now accepting nominations.Do you want to be part of making the next generation of the System Center Essentials product great?  If you are a responsible for managing the IT assets and services for a midsized business…


Using the Remote Assistance task with Vista and Server 2008 computers

(thanks to Essentials team member Stephanie for this article!)  If you’ve tried to use the Remote Assistance task in the Essentials Computer space to connect to a Vista or Windows Server 2008 computer, you’ve found that the task to initiate a Remote Assistance session does not work.  The task does not work because of a change in how…


Want to receive emailed reports from Essentials?

Check out this blog post from Essentials MVP Bjorn Axell on how to use SQL Server Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition reporting services to scheduled Essentials reports to be delivered via subscriptions.  http://advisec.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/would-you-like-to-be-able-to-schedule-reports-in-sce/


Moving from WSUS to System Center Essentials? Be sure to clean up your Group Policy settings!

If you used WSUS to keep your computers secure before upgrading to System Center Essentials, you probably used Group Policy to configure the Windows Update agent settings on the computers in your environment to connect to your WSUS server.  System Center Essentials, which includes WSUS technology, uses the same Group Policy settings to configure managed computers…


Microsoft Updates and Windows Server Updates Services

System Center Essentials is built on top of Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) technologies.  This allows Essentials to take advantage of the standardized Microsoft software updates technologies, content on Microsoft Update (MU), and deliver additional value by building on top of the WSUS platform. However, it also means that System Center Essentials is sometimes affected by…


Essentials Team at TechEd US 2008!

We’ll be at TechEd again this year with our demo packed sessions!  We’ll also have a booth on the expo floor that you can drop by anytime to ask questions of the Essentials product team. IT Conference MGT60-TLC Ask about Simplifying IT Management with Microsoft System Center Essentials Session Day/Time: 6/11/2008 12:00PM-12:45PMRoom: Blue Theater 1  …


Caching Microsoft Update content in System Center Essentials

A question came up in the Technet forums around content caching, and what variables exist to adjust it.   The footprint of cached content on the wSUS/SCE server take into consideration four variants: Products (XP/2K3 as examples) Classifications (Seciruty / Critical / Service packs) Languages (EN, DE, JA, etc..) Choosing to utilize Express files ( I will…