Microsoft Server Application Virtualization CTP Released – Run More of your Applications on Windows Azure

Today we are excited to announce the Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (Server App-V), and the Server Application Virtualization Packaging Tool. Microsoft Server Application Virtualization builds on the technology used in client Application Virtualization, allowing for the separation of application configuration and state from the underlying operating system. This separation and packaging… Read more

System Center Configuration Manager Dashboard: What does it really look like?

Hi everyone, we have had a number of requests to share some experiences with the new Dashboard beta we have released.  We have had several requests for some screen shots of an environment with some data.  Here are some sample screen shots from a demo VM set we are running, but hopefully they will give… Read more

Thinking about Windows 7 Migrations? Here are some inside tips from early customer experiences…

Hey everyone from GMT +1.  The System Center team is sitting at a very early breakfast in Amsterdam this morning, looking outside at the 6” of new snow that fell overnight.   We are here this week to talk about Windows deployment, with some of our biggest customers in Europe, let alone the world. We have… Read more

Scale and Performance improvements in Configuration Manager 2007 R3

Hi everyone, recently we recorded a look into the new scale and performance improvements we will ship in ConfigMgr 2007 R3.  There are 3 main areas of enhancement being made to the core capabilities of ConfigMgr.  These are as follows: Delta Active directory Discovery – AD discovery has 2 main tasks.  Discovering changes to users… Read more

The System Center team is heading to Europe

Hey everyone, the System Center Team is heading to Amsterdam for the week of  Feb 8th.  We will be in town presenting to the EMEA Infrastructure, Deployment and Management Council at the Microsoft Netherlands Schiphol Office.  While the event is not open to the broader public we are around and would love to meet you! … Read more

Application Compatibility Toolkit Connector Update

To help our customers accelerate their testing and deployment of Windows 7, we are really pleased to announce an update to the ACT Connector for Configuration Manager.  The Application Compatibility Toolkit Connector (ACT Connector) assists administrators with collecting the necessary computer and application compatibility information to help plan for a Windows deployment. With this connector… Read more