Updated Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2

SysCnt-OprtnsMgr07R2_h_rgb Just release, version 6.1.7599.0 of the Operations Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2 delivers some new and updated standard and operational data reporting capabilities. 

This management pack delivers ‘self-monitoring’ of the Operations Manager 2007 R2 infrastructure, and includes the following capabilities:

  • Local and Remote Monitoring of an Agent’s Health, including agent self-monitoring, as well as management server based monitoring of agents, to assure agent health.

  • Optional, Automatic Agent Remediation Capabilities, including the provision of series of diagnostics and recoveries to help diagnose and recover the situation, and the capability for agents to self-restarting themselves.

  • Detection of Problems and Misconfigurations with Run As Accounts and Profiles, providing alerts where credentials are soon to expire, or where there are issues with the distribution or usage of Run As Accounts.

  • Monitoring of problems with Running Workflows in Management Packs, helping detect if workflows within management packs, (e.g., discoveries, rules, monitors, etc.) are experiencing issues.

  • Reports for identify drivers of data volumes in your environment, new with this release, provide insight into the overall data volumes being processed by your environments. These reports can be used for gaining an understanding of current usage levels in order to establish a baseline and for identifying opportunities for tuning.

  • Operational Data Reporting, new with this release, gather information and sends reports to Microsoft on a weekly basis (if you select to send reports). Microsoft uses these reports to improve the quality of its management packs and Operations Manager 2007. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary.


For more details, and to download this management pack, check out the Microsoft Download Center page for the Operations Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2.  This management pack will also be available for download via the online catalog shortly.


Sacha Dawes, CISSP
Sr. Technical Product Manager
System Center Solutions for Dynamic Datacenters

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