Talking about Power Management on Campus

Hey everyone, recently I had the pleasure of sitting with Mark Aggar, who is an Environmental Technologist here at Microsoft.  We had a great chat about Environmental IT, and how Microsoft is delivering solutions to you that are based in sustainable engineering.  Mark shared with us how his team is working with different Microsoft product groups to provide influence at the engineering level to deliver more environmentally friendly software. 

I learned a TON talking with Mark.  Here is the 2 part video of our conversation, and we hope to continue to share with you more discussions with the team.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Get Microsoft Silverlight


For those of you attending TechEd Berlin, there is an entire Green IT track, and System Center will be there.  We have 1 entire session dedicated to the Green Client. Hope to see you.  Following us on Twitter?  check out the hash tags #scteam and #sysctr to follow us!


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