Common Sense Approaches to Social Media Marketing

Just saw this article this morning—came over the Microsoft news service. Definitely interested to see that Microsoft rated well as a social media marketing company according to Charlene Li.

My own experience suggests we have a long way to go from changing our megaphonic, push marketing to something much more engaging and useful to customers and the company, but no doubt I could stand to learn a few tips from my compadres in other corners of Microsoft, which the article highlights. The short list of tips for those companies that are looking to get on to the social media bandwagon at the end of the article I thought solid and worth repeating:

1) Let go of control. You can’t always own the message when there are hundreds of tweeters moshing about you. But, Li said, that gives you a great opportunity to respond to what makes them unhappy and fix it.

2) There’s no need to go buy expensive software to start your social-media marketing.

3) Don’t get overwhelmed, Li said. And don’t jump in over your head. So you don’t have enough time to blog regularly and check comments? You can still upload all of your company’s videos onto YouTube.

4) Hone your voice. You talk differently to your parents, your friends and your boss. A company should spend some time matching its social-media voice to its values and audience, Li said.

So what do you think? How are we doing? Are making some progress? How would you like to see us engage IT pros via social media?


– dave //