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Hello everyone! First let me introduce myself. My name is Frank Rojas and I am a Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft Commerical Service and Support (CSS). I primarily support SMS 2003, ConfigMgr 2007, and the upcoming ConfigMgr 2012. My specialization is in Operating System Deployment (OSD) and I am the Global Subject Matter Expert for OSD in Microsoft Commerical Service and Support.

The focus of this blog is to detail solutions to common and unique issues involving ConfigMgr OSD that we see within CSS. We will also be sharing best practices and lessons learned from handling support cases involving OSD.

This blog will be a complement to The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog. We intend to continue posting OSD articles over at the The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog. Basically the The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog covers issues involving all aspects of Configuration Manager and sometimes the OSD blog posts can get "lost" within all of the other posts. This blog will make it easier to find articles and blog posts concerning just OSD.

As part of this effort, blog posts here will also be cross posted over at the The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog. In addition to new articles, we will also be reposting older existing articles on this blog that you can already find over at the The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog. However since all of the OSD blog posts will now be on one central OSD blog, we are hoping that it will make it easier for you to find these articles.

In addition to this blog, I strongly recommend the following blogs that also cover OSD:

The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog

Configuration Manager OSD Product Team Blog

The Deployment Guys

Michael Niehaus' Windows and Office deployment ramblings

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for this blog, please let me know!

Frank Rojas
Support Escalation Enginner

Comments (3)

  1. Frank Rojas says:

    Yes, but only in regards to it being integrated with ConfigMgr. I have included links to some blogs that discuss standalone MDT under the sidebar "OSD Related Links".

  2. tony says:

    Will you discuss MDT at all?

  3. Jaspreet Narang says:

    I'm eagerly looking forward to your blog. Having worked with you, I know you have got huge pool of knowledge about OSD.

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