Updates: Mark’s TechEd Sessions, Autoruns v11.61, Strings v2.52, ZoomIt v4.5

Mark’s TechEd Sessions Available On-Demand:  Mark delivered four top-rated sessions at Microsoft’s TechEd US conference two weeks ago, and the recordings are available now for on-demand viewing. In Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, he gives an overview of the deployment and operation of Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks; in Windows Azure Internals Mark goes under the…


Updates: Pendmoves v1.2, Process Explorer v15.3, Sigcheck v1.91, Zoomit v4.42

Pendmoves v1.2: This update to Pendmoves adds support for 64-bit directories. Process Explorer v15.3: This major Process Explorer release includes heat-map display for process CPU, private bytes, working set and GPU columns, sortable security groups in the process properties security page, and tooltip reporting of tasks executing in Windows 8 Taskhostex processes. It also creates dump…


Update: ZoomIt v4.41

ZoomIt v4.41: This update fixes a bug in ZoomIt v4.4 that prevented it from running on 32-bit Windows XP.


Updates: DebugView v4.81, ProcDump v5.11, ZoomIt v4.4

DebugView v4.81: Version 4.81 of DebugView, a utility that logs user and kernel-modedebug output messages,  fixes a bug that could cause it on some executionsto fail to capture debug output and enter a CPU-bound loop. ProcDump v5.11: This release of ProcDump fixes a bug introduced in version 5.1 thatprevented it from working on 32-bit Windows…


Update: ZoomIt v4.31

ZoomIt v4.31: This release fixes a bug that caused ZoomIt to sometimes report an error when dismissing the options dialog.


Updates: Handle v3.5, Process Explorer v15.22, Process Monitor v3.03, RAMMap v1.21, ZoomIt v4.3

Handle v3.5: This update to Handle, a command-line utility that lists open handles, uses the most recent Process Explorer driver so that it now resolves system process handles and types. Process Explorer v15.22: This release addresses a bug that caused Process Explorer to crash when viewing .NET thread stacks of 64-bit Windows XP and 64-bit…


Updates: ZoomIt v4.2, Process Explorer v14.11, and ProcDump v3.04

ZoomIt v4.2: This update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation utility, now adjusts the drawing pen size when you enter drawing mode from live zoom to match the static zoom pen size. Process Explorer v14.11: Process Explorer v14.11 includes the ability to configure network and disk activity icons in the tray. ProcDump v3.04: This update…


Updates: Disk2vhd v1.1, ZoomIt v4.1, Coreinfo v2.0, VMMap v2.4

Disk2vhd v1.1: Disk2vhd now supports command-line options for automation and fixes a bug that could result in an “invalid user buffer” error during a conversion. ZoomIt v4.1: ZoomIt is a screen magnification and annotation utility that’s useful for technical presentations. With this update, you can now easily switch between LiveZoom (supported on Vista and Windows…


Updates: Zoomit 4.0, procdump v1.2

ZoomIt v4.0: In addition to minor bug fixes, this update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation tool, has significant improvements to the live zoom functionality that’s available on Vista and Windows 7. For example, it removes the shadow mouse, it uses a better mouse tracking algorithm and on Windows 7 it adds zoom-in and…


Updates: Autoruns v9.4, BgInfo v4.15, ZoomIt v3.03 | New Mark’s Blog post: Pushing the Limits of Windows: Paged and Nonpaged Pool

Autoruns v9.4: This Autoruns update shows manual start Windows services, fixes a bug that affected the display of autostart locations that could include multiple startup registrations, and fixes a bug in the Jump To functionality on 64-bit Windows. BgInfo v4.15: Bginfo now supports access to 64-bit registry keys in custom fields, fixes a bug with…