Updates: Coreinfo v3.1, Desktops v2.0, Livekd v5.3, PsPasswd v1.23, Testlimit v5.22, Whois v1.11

Coreinfo v3.1: This update to Coreinfo, a command line utility that reports detailed information about a system’s processor topology, CPU features, and cache topology, fixes a bug affecting the calculation of NUMA node costs and adds support for several more processor features, including RDRAND, LAHF/SAHF, Prefetchw and Intel Speedstep. Desktops v2.0: Desktops, a virtual desktop…


Updates: Process Explorer v15.2, Testlimit v5.21, Pskill v1.14

Process Explorer v15.2: This major update to Process Explorer, a Task Manager replacement, merges Autoruns functionality by adding a new Autostart Location column and property to the process and DLL views that indicates where an image is configured to automatically start or load. It also adds .NET stack walking support to the thread stack dialog,…


Updates: Process Monitor v2.9, Process Explorer v12.02, Testlimit v5.02 | A new Mark’s blog post and Mark to speak at the Windows Summit and TechEd US

Process Monitor v2.9: This update to Process Monitor adds translations for more error codes, the ability to disable individual filter entries, and a debugging API so that developers can insert debug output into the Process Monitor event stream (John Robbins has implemented helper classes for generating process monitor debug output from native and managed applications)….


Updates: Process Monitor v2.04, TCPView v2.54, VMMap v1.02, Testlimit v5.01, and Notmyfault

  Process Monitor v2.04: This update shows file mapping operations in basic mode, adds more translations of error numbers to text, fixes a bug that limited support for more boot log files larger than 4GB, and displays version numbers using the same formatting as Windows.   TCPView v2.54: Fixes bugs that prevented the display of…