Mark's Latest Novel and TechEd Presentations Now Available

Mark's Latest Novel, Rogue Code: The third book in Mark’s Jeff Aiken technothriller series was published on May 20. In Rogue Code, Jeff is hired to penetration test the New York Stock Exchange. When he reaches the heart of the trading engine he discovers malware that’s manipulating trades to skim money while blending in with…

Mark’s Tech·Ed North America Session Schedule Posted

Mark’s Tech·Ed North America Session Schedule Posted: Mark is delivering four sessions at Tech·Ed North America in Atlanta next month, including one on Windows Azure internals, a two-part advanced session on Windows memory management internals, and a closing session that’s a new delivery of his always popular Case of the Unexplained troubleshooting talk.

Updates: RAMMap v1.1, ADExplorer v1.4, Autologon v3.0 | Mark’s Talks from TechEd US 2010 are now online

RAMMap v1.1: This update to RAMMap, a memory analysis utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7, adds the ability to purge working sets and memory manager paging lists. This can be useful for measuring the memory usage of applications after they’ve started or when specific features are exercised. ADExplorer v1.40: ADExplorer, an Active Directory editor,…

Updates: Process Monitor v2.9, Process Explorer v12.02, Testlimit v5.02 | A new Mark’s blog post and Mark to speak at the Windows Summit and TechEd US

Process Monitor v2.9: This update to Process Monitor adds translations for more error codes, the ability to disable individual filter entries, and a debugging API so that developers can insert debug output into the Process Monitor event stream (John Robbins has implemented helper classes for generating process monitor debug output from native and managed applications)….

New Tool: VMMap v1.0 | Mark speaking at Microsoft TechEd 2009

VMMap v1.0: VMMap is a new utility for analyzing process address spaces and working sets. Aimed primarily at developers, its detailed graphical and textual breakdown of exactly what types of memory contribute to a process’s memory footprint make it a powerful performance analysis and tuning tool. Mark to Speak at TechEd 2009:Come see the 2009…