Updates: Process Explorer v15.01 and TCPView v3.05

Process Explorer v15.01: This update adds the ability to select a custom graph background color, adds paged and nonpaged pool quota columns to the process view, fixes incorrect information on the disk and network process properties dialog on 32-bit Windows, and fixes a GPU tray icon bug.  TCPView v3.05: This update fixes a bug when…


Updates: Process Monitor v2.95, TCPView v3.04, Autoruns v10.07, and a new blog post and webcast from Mark.

Process Monitor v2.95: This update to Process Monitor reports the write-through flag on file I/O, shows DLL version information on the process page of the event properties dialog, automatically launches the correct version of Process Monitor to match the bitness (32 or 64) of a logfile, and fixes several bugs. TCPView v3.04: Tcpview better handles…


Updates: ProcDump v3.02, Contig v1.6, TCPView v3.03 and a New Mark’s Blog Post

ProcDump v3.02: This update to ProcDump, a command-line utility that can capture process dumps based on performance or behavioral triggers, adds more information to the minidump plus dump type, and ignores breakpoint exceptions unless overridden with the new -b switch. It also leverages the installed Debugging Tools for Windows debug DLL, enabling it to save…


Updates: TCPView v3.01, Disk2vhd v1.62, AdExplorer v1.42

TCPView v3.01: TCPView v3.01 addresses a minor drawing bug when running on Windows XP. Disk2vhd v1.62: This update fixes a bug in the HAL fixup code that could prevent a converted image from booting under Virtual PC. AdExplorer v1.42: This addresses a regression in v1.41 that prevented AdExplorer from connecting to some Light Weight Directory…


Updates: TCPView v3.0, Autoruns v10.02, ProcDump v1.81, Disk2vhd v1.61

TCPView v3.0: This major update to TCPView, a TCP/UDP endpoint viewing utility, adds endpoint send and receive statistics by leveraging ETW when TCPView is run with administrative rights. It also breaks ports and addresses into separate columns. Autoruns v10.02: This update fixes a bug in Autorunsc that had default to filtering out signed Windows components….


Updates: Process Monitor v2.04, TCPView v2.54, VMMap v1.02, Testlimit v5.01, and Notmyfault

  Process Monitor v2.04: This update shows file mapping operations in basic mode, adds more translations of error numbers to text, fixes a bug that limited support for more boot log files larger than 4GB, and displays version numbers using the same formatting as Windows.   TCPView v2.54: Fixes bugs that prevented the display of…